Advance with AqFresh™

The Revolutionary Air Freshener

Zybax Advance with AqFresh™ is an instant air freshener in a ready-to-use formula with revolutionary AqFresh™ innovative technology.

Environment-friendly, highly versatile and fast acting. Friendly to humans and pets. Removes tough, lingering and obnoxious malodours by capturing and holding them. Eliminates allergens on contact. So effective it works without the need to mask with fragrance and returns the air to its natural fresh balance.

AqFresh™, based on cucurbiturils, a barrel-shaped molecule that can capture, hold and release molecules. Provides an advance in fragrance longevity, enhancing the perfume. AqFresh™ softly holds fragrance within the cucurbituril barrel, releasing fresh scent when it comes into contact with a malodour; helping to remove malodours from the air and soft furnishings.

A truly revolutionary technology, AqFresh™ also helps to remove allergens including dust mite, pollen, cat and dog dander.

Extensively tested on a broad range of odours including urine, faeces, pet smells, cooking and food odours, tobacco, body odour and even suppresses unpleasant odours from chemicals.

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ZV-75-L, ZV-75-M
Perfect For Use On:
In the air as a freshener or on fabrics and furnishings.
Pack Sizes Available:
6 x 750ml, 25 Litre Jerry Can, 208 Litre Drum or 1000 Litre IBC
Pallet sizes: 92 Cases, 48 Jerry Cans

All our packaging is fully recyclable

The revolution in instant air odour elimination

  • 12 times more effective than the leading technology
  • Extensively tested on human, food, washroom and pollutants
  • Helps to safely remove odours and allergens
  • Advanced fragrance release

Always spray away from face and avoid direct inhalation.

Apply using the Zybax Advance trigger sprayer in to the air as a freshener or on fabrics and furnishings when you require a quick and instant result.

Watch our short EcoDose bottle 'How-to' here.

Supramolecular Capture

Patented odour-suppressing technology that deals with a wide range of molecules, including VOCs and allergens.
Most malodours are caused by volatile organic compounds. AqFresh™ captures and holds tough, lingering and obnoxious odours removing them from the air.

Malodour Molecular Exchange

Exceptional performance at capturing and holding malodours eliminating them from the air, whilst releasing fragrance molecules.

Advanced Fragrance Release

The technology delivers perfume longevity, with the molecular exchange capturing volatile odour compounds eliminating them and leaving a long-lasting fragrance.

AQ fresh

Here you can download our latest Data Sheets for Advance with AqFresh™.

You will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to open the Data Sheet.

Zybax Advance Linen Safety Data Sheet

Zybax Advance Mint Safety Data Sheet

Zybax Advance Product Leaflet

Zybax Advance Analytics Charts

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