EcoDose Advance 500ml Atomiser

The next generation of sprayer for applying solutions into the air and surfaces. Offers a high-performance application with the convenience and premium quality.

The alternative to aerosols and pressurised containers, promotes retainment of dispenser with the ease of refill/recharge for use with your favourite products.

The Zybax atomiser creates a continuous fine mist spray that easily covers the desired surface area with product which is suitable for hard surface product applications such as multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, sanitisers, odour eliminators and air freshers.

Free from harmful problematic gases used in aerosols and pressurised containers it is the perfect solution for dispensing Zybax products. The measured spritz is atomised with precision to apply the perfect amount, making it cost effective on product but also less harmful to surfaces with overuse of product.

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Suitable for use with the following products

Zybax EcoDose Range
Zybax Air
Zybax Advance

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